Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Rick and I went had so much fun in Hawaii with Josh, Marie, Spence, Britt, Mom, and Kevin
 Mom and me in a sub at Pearl Harbor
 Yummiest shaved ice ever

We went on some awesome hikes and saw the most beautiful parts of the island

 Drew's Basketball Team...they did awesome and Rick had fun coaching them
 Gracie was in charge of New Beginnings this year...She did everything...invites...decorations...plan the program...treats..Em got to come too cuz she is going to be a beehive this year!
Adam's kindergarten circus...he was a strong man and so cute 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy 14th Gracie Girl!!

 Ugliest outfit contest at RUE 21
Gracie and her friends got pedis, went shopping, then to dinner for her birthday this year.  Lots of Fun!!

Sandcreek Besties

Gracie was so excited to see all her sandcreek friends when we played them.

Happy Birthday 3rd Sylvie!!

she picked this cake cuz she thought it had a picture of Gracie on it Haha

Girls Weekend!!

 Lots of shopping...laughing...eating...talking...etc etc  The Statue behind us is alive...totally freaked us out!

 Gracie and I got to go to the YW General Session of Conference.  It was awesome...President Monson Spoke!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Jammies with Fullmer Cousins Isabelle, Max, and Kate
 Fat Cats

LOVE MY SIS'S...So fun to have Amb and Spence's Families for Christmas.  We had a full house cuz Cabe and Kels and Alec and Lacey crashed at our house too...sooooo fun